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Welcome to NIGROTECH

A parent company for DENOLA FOODS. At Nigrotech, we produce, process, package and distribute nutritious and classic food manufactured from the best of Nigeria farms.

Our products are 100% natural, healthy, satisfying and comes with great taste.

Our Mission

To establish an accessible, affordable and attracting distribution chain of naturally produce and tasty foods made from African best farm; operating with contrite integrity; honesty; trust and competency.


To be a household name in indigenous producer of foods within and outside Nigeria; dependable supply chain for all farmers.

Our Core Value

We produce 100% natural farm harvest without any deteriorating chemical content that could be harmful to the body.Our products are healthy and satisfying to both young and old with great and GIVE ME MORE taste.

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Our Organic Plantain Farm


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Plantain: Nutrition Facts & Health Benefits

Plantains are rich sources of complex carbohydrates, vitamins A, C, B-6, minerals magnesiumpotassium, and its low-fat content makes it a delight for people suffering from cholesterol-related ailments such as obesity, diabetes, gallstone.

  • Cure for Neuritis, Anaemia, and Ulcer
  • Rich source of vitamin A, B and C
  • Healthy for diabetic people
  • It’s perfect for weight loss
  • Good for the heart
  •  It’s rich in calcium
  •  It improves libido

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